Environmental enrichment ideas

Here are some suggestions to stimulate your cat and keep them purring!

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Travelling with your Cat

A New Year is sure to bring new adventures! For Pet Travel Safety day, we want to help you re-assess your cat’s travel safety. Preparation is key! Here is a list with some helpful hints.

Before you go:

  • Choose your carrier wisely. Hard sided carriers that open from the top are ideal. Make sure it’s roomy enough for your cat to turn around in. Add some blankets or a bed from home – familiar scents will re-assure your cat and make the ride more comfortable.
  • If you are flying with your cat, please check with the airline for any specific carrier requirements and make sure your hotels are cat friendly.
  • Check with your veterinarian to find out if your cat is healthy enough to travel. Make sure vaccines are up to date and pick up flea/parasite prevention. When travelling out of the country, know the requirements of the embassy of your destination country and CFIA. https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/documents/animals-certificate
  • Make sure your cat has visible, easy to read ID tags and if microchipped, ensure all of your information is current.
  • If your cat is on a therapeutic diet or medications, pack extra in case of emergencies!
  • To prevent car sickness, you can withhold food a couple of hours before travelling (do not withhold water).
  • The safest place for the carrier in a car is in the foot well behind the front seats. You can also secure the kennel with a seat belt on the back seat.
  • Practice driving short distances with your cat before the actual trip.

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