Pet ID week is here – Keep your cat safe!

LadybugBaby ShowerMissing pets are an all too common occurrence for pet parents. We all want to minimize the chances of this happening to our beloved pets, so what can we do?

  • Microchipping improves the chances of reuniting you with your lost cat if your contact information is current. A microchip is a permanent form of identification that your cat can’t lose. The small chip is implanted under the skin in the shoulder area, so if your cat does stray away, the chip reveals the unique ID number assigned to them. So if they turn up at a shelter or clinic, their microchip can be easily tracked to an owner. In the case that your lost pet is injured while missing and requires emergency care, you can be contacted quickly regarding treatment choices.
  • ID tags with pet and owner information are another option, if your cat tolerates wearing collars. However, there is a chance that the collar can come off, leaving your cat without ID. Remember to always update your address and phone number when moving with your microchip company, and on your ID tags.  Read more Pet ID week is here – Keep your cat safe!