Black Cat Myths

Edgar, one of our resident clinic cats is here to dispel some

common black cat myths with Halloween just around the corner! 


Did you know that black cats are some of the least likely to be adopted out from animal shelters? Part of the reason for this is there are still unfortunately many superstitions surrounding these black furred beauties.

For many centuries, black cats have been associated with witches, black magic and even the plague. There are many theories on why they bring bad luck. In the middle ages, it was believed that black cats were affiliated with witches or were actually demons in disguise themselves, partly to do with the fact that they are nocturnal.

In fact, depending on which part of the world you’re from, it may just be the opposite! For instance, in Asia and the U.K. , black cats are considered a sign of good fortune and prosperity. It was also said among sailors that bringing cats aboard the ship would bring good luck on long voyages, especially black cats.

The truth is black cats make amazing pets and they are absolutely gorgeous. Just look at our Edgar! Do not let coat colour have any bearing on choosing your pet. In fact, we urge you to consider adopting a black cat in the future, they are some of the sweetest cats we’ve met.

Remember, if a black cat crosses your path, it simply means the animal is going somewhere!