Outdoor Safety in Cooler Weather

It’s feeling and looking like winter! Here are some reminders to keep your cat safe and warm this season.

  • The best way to keep cats out of trouble in winter and anytime is to keep them indoors
    and out of the cold! Cats are susceptible to frostbite on their pawpads, face and ears.paws
  • Outdoor cats may shelter in the wheel well of cars or under a car hood for warmth. Watch out for them and give your hood a tap before starting the engine.
  • Road salt and antifreeze (ethylene glycol) are also hazardous to cats and other animals. Antifreeze is extremely poisonous and road salt can cause irritation, dryness and burns. Do not allow your pet to come into contact with these products. There are pet safe salt alternatives available commercially which contain magnesium chloride.
  • Make sure your cat has a cozy warm spot to curl up in if they are feeling cold. This is especially important for senior kitties as they often require extra warmth and cushioning. Check out our webstore for beds or hot packs you can purchase to keep kitty warm!
  • If possible, build a feral cat shelter or offer water in an insulated container to support homeless stray cats. You can also support your local shelter or animal rescue with donations as it is a very busy time of year for them.  Animal rescues such as Animalert greatly appreciate foster homes as well. Fill out an application form here: https://www.animalert.ca/apply/cat-fosterhttps://www.animalert.ca/apply/cat-foster