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Monday, May 11, 2020

Environmental enrichment ideas

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Here are some suggestions to stimulate your cat and keep them purring!

  • Brush your cat daily. If tolerated, this practice will help decrease the amount of fur ingested (reducing hairballs) as well as providing an enjoyable bonding experience for you and kitty. For short haired cats, flea combs work well. Slicker brushes and metal combs are great for longer fur.
  • Provide a window perch for your cat allowing them to sunbathe and enjoy outdoor excitement from the safety of your home.il_340x270.670390660_aq95
  • There are also outdoor enclosures for cats called “catios” that are commercially available, or learn how to build one yourself!
  • Add a bird feeder just outside of a window to provide hours of cat entertainment.
  • Have your cat chase a laser pointer to help burn some energy – but remember to always reward them with a toy afterwards so they aren’t left frustrated!
  • Instead of treats, use a dental diet ! They are much lower in calories and larger kibbles, which makes for a tasty treats you can throw for them to chase. Make them work for it!
  • Food puzzles or hiding food throughout your home are great ideas that simulate a cat’s natural environment. They are used to always being on the hunt for prey, as cats in the wild catch around 10 mice a day! Hide small portions of food throughout your home instead of leaving food out in a bowl


  • Grow fresh cat grass for your cat to munch on. Many cats really like it and it is a natural laxative.
  • If your cat responds to catnip, it may trigger an intense play session, drooling and rolling around, or it could just make your cat feel calm and content. Find out if kitty prefers fresh or dried catnip.
  • If you’re into technology, look for interactive cat apps.
  • Provide tall cat trees for your cat to lounge on with vertical scratching areas
  • Looking for toys designed with cats in mind?? Stop by the clinic and browse our collection of cat wands, including ‘Da Bird’ from Go Cat.
    See it in action here:

  • We also have  handmade catnip pillows and mice, and we are a retailer of Cleo’s organic catnip!



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