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Dental care is a very important aspect of veterinary care for our feline friends  as keeping your cat's teeth and gums healthy plays an important role in their overall health and lifespan.


Dental disease can lead to a number of other more serious medical conditions and is among the most commonly diagnosed conditions in cats. It's easily preventable through routine veterinary dental care. Not only does good dental health reduce or eliminate bad breath, it can also help keep your cat's whole body healthier.

At the Central Cat Hospital we offer gold standard dentals since a dental can be a very long procedure and many of our dental clients are seniors. We've even performed dentals on cats older than 20 years of age.

Dentals are performed under general anesthetic and since many of our dental patients are senior we take extra precautions to make this procedure as safe as possible.  All cats get IV fluids which protects their organs and helps their recovery. They are induced with a very fast acting anesthetic which again protects their organs and helps them recover faster. 

While under GA your cats teeth are examined visually with a probe and full mouth xrays are used to assess the roots of their teeth. Your cat's vitals, body temperature, blood pressure is monitored by one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians whose only job during this procedure is to watch your cat very closely. Your cat's body temperature is kept warm with a warming blanket and baby booties as cold body temperature during anesthetic can hamper recovery.

All cats who need extractions receive local freezing for pain and to decrease the need for more anesthetic. If your cat does need extractions they will also go home with some form of pain medication.


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